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Why pick Moneyboard?

Moneyboard, available on iPhone, iPad and Mac, is a beautiful and intuitive app that enables you to take control of your personal finances.


Moneyboard is the best budgeting app with thousands of 5 Star reviews worldwide!

Main Features:

  • Fast and easy to add expenses or income

  • iCloud synchronization across all your Apple devices

  • Set and monitor budgets

  • Personalize your experience with custom expense categories, colors and more

  • Maintain multiple accounts, in different currencies

  • Recurring expenses or income entries

  • Visualize your transactions with our powerful graphs

  • Private and Secure with Face ID or Touch ID

  • Widgets

  • Use Siri to check your balance or add new transactions

  • Support for Dark Mode

  • Conveniently manage your data with our import/export feature

  • Reminders to never forget to add your daily expenses

  • Reminders to pay your outstanding bills

  • Available in 20 languages

Moneyboard offers great tools to gather, analyze and visualize your income and expenses and help you make the right financial decisions. 


Start saving now!



If you want to write about our App, we’ve got all the screenshots you need for your story to be thorough and complete. 

Check out our screenshots for some inspiration, and see how the App is used through the eyes of our users!



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